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“I started taking mat classes at ‘Pilates on the go...’ about 2 years ago and last year I also began taking individual classes using the equipment. The mat classes are in a small group and Margot always teaches in a very constructive and encouraging way. The individual classes are very flexible and a good compliment to the mat classes. Margot is always very positive and puts together a class specifically made for my needs and body which I really appreciate. After every class I always feel worked out and filled with new energy."
Ebru Ipek
“About a year ago, I was exhausted, overweight, unhappy and stressed. I had taken no exercise for about five years and felt so unfit, but I was in no state to cope with competitive classes or a busy gym. I wanted to find something without pressure or competition and with clear instruction at a pace that I could manage. Above all, I wanted to restore my body shape and my self esteem. By chance, and to my great good fortune, I came across Margot’s Pilates on the go... at South Park Studios. The bright, mirrored studio is superbly equipped, immaculately clean, airy and peaceful. The studio has Cath Kidston cushions with colourful flowers and candles peeping from windowsills and shelves. It is also decked with shiny, green-leaved plants. After my ‘taster session’, which I really enjoyed, I booked in for two one-to-one sessions and then chose two one-hour sessions for two people, every week. Margot will suggest which of several options she thinks will suit you best. In addition, her willingness to be flexible is a real bonus, and she will also accommodate holidays and other commitments, so long as she knows in advance. I had never done Pilates before, and I’m not going to say that I have found it all easy – it took me a while to understand how exactly to strengthen my core, and to use my breathing properly – but Margot has supported and encouraged me every step of the way, gently explaining and demonstrating everything... many times! It’s now almost a year since my first session and everything about me has improved. I particularly wanted to achieve a flat stomach and lots of abs exercises have really made a difference. It doesn’t matter if the day is dull, Margot makes the sun shine in her studio. She is always happy, she’s perceptive, she understands anatomy, she’s a brilliant teacher, she has a great sense of humour, and she likes every one of her clients and wants the best for them. In fact she will tailor a session to maximise the benefit to the individual. Margot doesn’t promise weight loss, but she has lots of easy, manageable and enjoyable ideas about how you can achieve a better shape and lifestyle, in addition to the Pilates, all of which she imparts during a workout. We have such fun and lots of laughter in her sessions! A year on, and Margot’s customised Pilates has become part of my life. I’ve rediscovered the person I was, but, more importantly, Margot has taught me how to enjoy and value the person I am now."
Anne Jenkins
“As I play competitive tennis, I decided to start Pilates in order to strengthen my core and improve my flexibility. I found Margot by chance when she very generously offered a session in a children’s charity auction. I think it was my lucky day when I won that auction as I haven’t felt so strong and fit in a very long time. Margot’s studio is very professional and welcoming. She offers great flexibility in sessions, is always very friendly and strict enough for me to know she means business and wants me to get the most out of my session. I would recommend Margot to anyone, beginner or experienced in the world of Pilates. She’s is absolutely fabulous!!!"
Katerina Tanti
“I started Pilates classes with Margot 4 months ago, having done Pilates some thirty five years before, but I had totally forgotten the techniques. I play golf very regularly, and have suffered from a lower back problem which has needed steroid injections yearly. I desperately wanted to avoid these injections, and for this reason, decided to start Pilates with Margot. Her Pilates classes have been a total revelation for me, her expertise in understanding every part of the body and then finding the right exercise specifically for an individual’s needs is absolutely remarkable. Margot works incredibly hard for her clients and gives 100% of herself always. I really love coming to the Studio as Margot has a wonderfully warm personality, making the classes fun, as well as pushing you to work hard and the results of her varied exercise regimes do show remarkably quickly. Margot uses very varied equipment in her Studio so you never get bored, the time there flies by and her Studio exudes great calmness. I now realise I could not live without her in my life and feel so fortunate to have found her. Thank you Margot more than I can ever say to you!"
Sally Walford
“I’ve been doing Pilates with Margot for a few months and I’m astonished – and thrilled – with the results. My initial consultation was very thorough which was so reassuring because I have a hip injury which requires surgery in the near future. Margot has carefully adjusted exercises to best suit my specific needs (Margot really knows her onions, anatomy-wise), meaning over the weeks I’ve vastly improved my core stability and mobility without risking aggravating my injury. My Physio is delighted and I’m secure in the knowledge that with Margot’s help, I’ll make a speedy recovery from the op and be up and running again as quickly as possible.”

“Moreover, Margot has a wonderfully uplifting and positive manner, making the lessons a genuine pleasure and her studio feels like a little oasis of calm in the middle of London. I’ve tried Pilates at other London studios and overseas but the quality of instruction Margot provides stands out by miles. Lessons with Margot mix “classic” Pilates with other pieces of gym equipment, making for a much more dynamic (and fun!) workout: the results speak for themselves. Thank you Margot, I count my lucky stars I found you!"

Rhiannon Mercer
“Having stopped playing competitive sport and doing regular exercise we were looking for a new way to exercise and improve our body strength and posture. It was also important for us to exercise together as we have busy work schedules.”

“We have been going to ‘Pilates on the go...’ with Margot for over a year now and look forward to our weekly trips to Fulham. The studio offers a relaxing atmosphere and has the latest equipment for use. We really enjoy the sessions which Margot has tailored to our different abilities and they are always fun. Margot is very professional and able to encourage and motivate us to continually get the most out of our sessions.”

“Both of us feel the positive difference that the sessions have made to our everyday lives. Even walking down the street you hear the mantra 60% or 100%! Our core strength and posture has improved greatly, even after the first few sessions.”

“Margot offers a variety of great sessions and we appreciate the personal attention we get, especially working out as a couple. We definitely recommend ‘Pilates on the go...’ with Margot!”
Melissa Power & Dave O'Neil
“I first visited Margot with a recurring prolapsed disc problem. I found her to be very sympathetic, understanding and most importantly, gentle in her approach to getting me back to normal. Her program of gentle exercises worked wonders. Her almost ‘one to one’ style gave me the extra confidence to improve my core stability and I have felt better ever since. Highly recommended"
Geoffrey Hall
“I have always enjoyed staying fit to keep up with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However I always have to make myself get up and go to the gym, run, swim etc., that is until I met Margot. She not only makes your whole body work and flex in ways you didn’t know where possible but she makes it enjoyable and ever since meeting her my constant back pain from a slipped disc has just magically disappeared. She really is the breath of fresh air that was needed in my life and luckily I still have my dodgy back that starts to niggle when it knows I need to start going back to her, so I will never be without Margot. Thank you for finally helping me to change my life."
Lucy Stratton
“I have been attending “Pilates on the Go...” for the last year! I must confess that it has surpassed all my expectations. I was originally referred to Margot by a close friend and admittedly I was somewhat reluctant, being the typically chauvinistic male!

However, I did my research and apart from my friend I found that Ryan Giggs and David Beckham are very passionate about Pilates! You only have to see how agile and fit both are at their respective ages. In which case I thought if it’s good for them then it must be beneficial for me too!"

“Many years ago I played rugby, but as with most people I got carried away with my career, client entertaining, etc., and neglected my fitness as well as my weight and general well-being! I started at the gym around two and a half years ago, with a strict cardio program which admittedly has been very successful. But what I then realised was that I required a more focused approach to my core fitness. That issue was perfectly resolved by Margot (“Pilates on the Go”).” Margot did a very detailed initial assessment and then developed a detailed program to focus on my core fitness as well as compliment my cardio program. My Core fitness has dramatically improved which has also had an amazing effect on my overall fitness program. I can proudly boast a resting heart rate of 52! I can honestly say that I do feel as fit and as healthy as when I was playing rugby.”

“I have become a strong believer in Pilates and particularly the very, tailored personal approach that Margot at “Pilates on the Go”, provides. Margot will always go beyond my program and is always more than happy to assist with all aspects of my fitness and well-being.”

“Thank you Margot! I am forever telling everybody what a great and amazing instructor you are!”
Giuseppe Masella
“Following some re-occurring back issues, I went to see Margot to have an initial assessment for Pilates and was hooked straight away! I subsequently had a weekly Pilates session with Margot over the course of a year. During my time with Margot she not only helped me with strengthening my core muscles to assist in preventing further back problems but also helped me to recover from a knee operation and then go on to train for a triathlon. I’m a big fan! The studio provides a relaxing environment away from the hustle and bustle but Margot ensures that you are working hard to make the most of your session. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pilates on the go...”
Kate Delmar-Morgan
“After having my first child I suffered from a split rectus abdominis which didn’t pull back together. I was advised by my Physio to invest time and money into a good Pilates instructor as without it I was heading into a world of troubles. When I went to see Margot I could virtually fit my fist through the gap in my abdomen. She worked me hard, tailoring everything very specifically to focus on reducing the gap and taught me valuable lessons as to how to practise in between sessions in ways that I could fit into my daily life walking around London pushing a buggy. 10 sessions later and the results were dramatic. The Physio was thrilled and I could really feel and see the benefits. Almost a year on I’m now 23-weeks pregnant and the Physio has said she is astonished at how small the bump is as she would have expected me to have burst already! We’ve moved out of London so sadly I can no longer attend Margot’s classes and am working with another instructor who is good but not as great. I can only thank Margot for empowering me with enough information and technique to be able to manage away from her eager eye. I will be forever hugely thankful to Margot for getting me back on track.”
Hannah Lawes
“I have been doing Pilates with Margot ever since she opened her studio in the area. Her classes are the perfect mix of challenge and fun: whether it is 6:30am or 6:30pm, Margot is always full of good cheer! Unlike many other studios, the schedule is flexible so it always seems easy to get a class. The studio is light and airy and has all the latest equipment, including a power plate for more of a cardio workout. The emphasis on fitness is not at the expense of style – where else can you do Pilates with Cath Kidston accessories?!”
Arabella Bakker
“For several weeks I was happily enjoying the benefits I was getting from doing Pilates when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After undergoing a mastectomy, I went back to Margot who then helped me enormously with my rehabilitation. I continued to take a weekly session throughout 6-months of chemotherapy and know that it was through Margot's care, support and help that I managed to stay fit, calm and happy during my treatment. Pilates was a very big part of my ‘healing process’ both physically and mentally and now that life is back to some kind of normality, I look forward to my sessions as a natural part of my exercise regime.”
Suellen Khoury
“I have been practicing sport every week for over twenty years, including yoga, gymnastsics and jogging. For the last 10 years I have suffered from spasms in my back when bending or twisting. A friend recommended Pilates and I signed up for Margot’s class. It worked! Margot’s sessions strengthened my pelvic floor and corrected my posture. After only two terms, I had become conscious of the errors I had been making with my everyday movements at home and in the office. Pilates has completely cured my back pains and given me a long term solution. 100% effective – thank you Margot – I definitely recommend your Pilates technique!”
Jo Mockford Pere
“I’ve been coming to Margot’s Pilates Studio since it opened in June and have really enjoyed my sessions which have been motivating, energetic and fun. I’ve also seen a significant change in my overall posture and shape as a result of my sessions... I really couldn’t imagine my life without Pilates now as it’s made that much of a difference to my overall fitness and wellbeing.”
Sophie Dundas
“Pilates with Margot has been fantastic... after 10 sessions my core strength and general flexibility has improved massively.” “Each session has been fun as I’ve been steadily introduced to a wide variety of interesting but challenging exercises that are tailored to my specific requirements. The enthusiasm, approach and ultimate benefit will ensure I sign up for more.”
Steven Wilson
“As someone who is always ‘on the go’, Pilates has been a wonderful escape from my busy lifestyle in London. Whether it’s 7am in the morning or 7pm at night I always leave feeling calm, refreshed and invigorated. Over the past few months I have noticed a huge difference in my core strength and posture and couldn’t recommend Margot more highly as an instructor. From breathing techniques, muscle toning to overall flexibility and relaxation, my Pilates sessions have become something of a weekly necessity that keeps me fit, happy and energized.”
Pippa Middleton
“I started Pilates with Margot to prepare for an operation – was getting ready for a couple of months on crutches! – and strengthen my core. Margot was a complete superstar, she’s really professional but friendly at the same time. I can’t wait to go back once I’m up on my feet again!”
Coco Davies
“I have been doing Pilates with Margot for the past 10 weeks. After having a third child my posture had become very poor, and I had tried all sorts of techniques to help but with no success. Margot and I have been working on strengthening my core muscles and engaging in lots of back extension work which has really helped with my back pain and posture. Margot is lovely to work with, very cheery and knowledgeable about Pilates and the body in general. The Studio is clean and tidy with a relaxed feel, and overall a great place to work on conditioning of the body.”
Charlotte Candillier
“I started Pilates with Margot when I was 14 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I wanted to do some safe exercises which would help me stay in shape during my pregnancy and make my return to exercise easier after birth. It was a fantastic experience for me and my twice weekly sessions became one of the highlights of my week. Margot is very knowledgeable about the pregnant body at various stages and I always felt that all exercises were appropriate for me and my baby, safe but still challenging. I managed to keep up with my sessions until I was 36 weeks pregnant, which I didn't think I’d achieved!”
Nathalie Chehayed
“I started attending Pilates with Margot in August. I had searched around the Fulham area and found this Studio to be modern with a friendly atmosphere. At seventy years old it was important for me to feel comfortable with my trainer and I could not have chosen more wisely. Within a few weeks my health improved, aches and pains gone and I was amazed at myself one day running to catch a bus! My energy levels are better and I have lost a little weight without dieting. My upper arms are toned and I am able to carry a little more shopping without stress. Joining Pilates on the go has been the best decision for me.”
Titilola Annan
“I started Pilates with Margot when I retired last year and needed to be motivated with exercise to keep my body in trim and give me a feeling of wellbeing. She has transformed my life and has improved my posture together with teaching me to relax with her breathing techniques. She is an excellent instructor, taking immense trouble with each individual over any physical problems they may have. She has a superb Studio with all the necessary equipment and I could not recommend her more highly.”
Clare D’abo
“Margot’s studio is a place to go exercise, relax and get an all over body workout. Pilates is one exercise routine that helped me keep trim during pregnancy and post pregnancy. I just wish I could go more often...”
Lynn Turkington
“I started seeing Margot for Pilates to help me prepare for the birth of my first baby. I’ve been seeing her since I was about 20 weeks, right up until about 32 weeks and she’s been amazing. I have to say that even though I am pregnant and therefore slightly restricted with things that I can do, Margot has tailored each session to my varying needs and abilities and I’ve found the sessions so beneficial in keeping me active and making me feel more mobile (helping with all those niggling back pains, etc., that come with being pregnant).”

“I thoroughly recommend Pilates during pregnancy; and the great thing about Margot’s sessions is that you will only ever be one of say two people maximum in a class, and quite often will have absolute one-on-one training, which is invaluable at any time, but more so during pregnancy when you really do need your teacher to be watching your every move!”

“Thank you Margot... I look forward to getting back into it once the baby has been born!”

Susie Woods
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